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Hello Shoe Wearers! Contact info - snorth11(at)dcsi(dot)net
Sharon the Shoemaker here, shown with my beautiful family. We reside in the Sierra Nevada foothills, in the little town of Yankee Hill, near Chico, California.
My business name is Hand to Heart Custom Footwear, and I make custom footwear from a casting of your feet. You design the shoes, choosing from a variety of styles, leathers, trims, buttons, and soling. I use quality materials that are assembled to create a shoe that will last for years. Most styles are washable and can be worn in most any condition.
This photo album is a place where you can see what types of shoes other people have designed, look at what you have designed, or just dream of what could be!
In order for us to make shoes together I have to touch your feet. If you are interested, contact me at snorth11(at)dcsi(dot)net.
My training as a Shoemaker came from an apprenticeship with my teacher, Shoemaker Craig Stanton. I studied Art at CSUC in the seventies and have always had my hand in some sort of craft. Becoming a Shoemaker feels like a dream come true. I can finally use my art to not only make a living, but do so while providing a service.
Speaking of service, each pair of shoes I make has an intention written in between the layers of soling. This special message is written onto the soles before the layers are glued together. You let me know what you would like me to write. For example, all the sample sandals say, "You are Love" on the right foot, and "Walk in Peace" on the left. Just another small way for all of us to walk with intention everyday.
One of the highlights of my work is the amazing people I get to meet. While you are browsing through, pay special attention to the notes sharing the many varied devotions of the fellow shoe wearers that have passed my way.
May there be peace in your world, and happy walking!


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